no-media beyond this points

You can either endure your life or you can live it!

I used to think that it was impossible for me to live a whole day without media. I was convinced that going to the gym without my iPod, without the TV on would be insurmountable; maybe because I had never tried it.

Well it wasn’t!

I used to think, that spending one whole day without Skype, was well beyond my limits. And not checking my emails would kill me. Only because, I live in a foreign country far away from my significant other and my family; and not being able to talk to them for a whole day would make me depressed – excuses, excuses …
And it did – make me depressed.

But I survived!

Now I’m not saying it was easy. Cutting myself from all forms of media for a whole day was very hard, but actually doable – you have to set your mind to it.
I went to the gym in the morning, without my iPod and managed to run – less than usual because music is a big motivation for me, but I did it. And when I came home, I did not turn my computer on.

But I quickly got bored. And I knew that was going to happen of course, which is why I planned my whole day in advance.
Now trying to plan a day, without media, and where you can’t get bored required a lot of roommates brainstorming. But our brilliant minds, together, found a brilliant idea.

We went grocery shopping in the morning (my roommate hated me for asking her not to turn the radio on). That morning is when I noticed the ads on the radio in the store. Before that, I had never paid attention to what I heard in “Shop Rite” and never even realized they had the radio in there (am I that oblivious to the world surrounding me?).
On the way back I paid attention to every billboard – and they must be new because I had no memories whatsoever of them being there the previous week (oblivious?). Once we were done with groceries (that was a “must do” because our fridge was getting really empty and we are both health freaks so running out of fresh fruits and vegetables is inconceivable) we took the car and drove far from Towson.

So off we went to spend the whole afternoon (and a big part of the evening) to Liberty Mountain. I slept the whole way there (and back) so I didn’t count the number of billboards between Towson and Liberty but I’m making a guess that there are a lot.

Skiing is really a fun sport – do not get me started on skiing because I absolutely love it!
Watching my roommate ski for the first time in her life was hilarious (as I have been skiing ever since I was five I cannot remember my first time skiing but I guess I was probably as bad as she was).
We skied from four to nine and at five we were already frozen but having such a good time.

I am still convinced I would have been bored to death if I had just stayed home without media, and honestly I am not willing to try it.
I am a very energetic person, so sitting around with nothing to do is impossible for me.
All in all, even if I did miss talking French that day (and mostly to the people IN France), I was happily surprised by how I can live a day without media.
Spending my day outdoors having fun, made me completely forget about media and I became more aware of my involuntary exposition to the media surrounding me. This is my life, my generation, how I have always lived so that exposition felt pretty normal to me.
I lived a day without media (and I admit I was proud of myself), but I don’t think I will try that experience again.

I mean I survived this time but I don’t want to chance it a second time – you never know.



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