Overwhelming! Or is it really?

Have you ever stopped for a second to look around you? Have you ever thought about what they did years ago when they did not have all the technology we have today? Have you ever counted the number of time you surfed the Internet every day; or how many social network sites you go on and for how long?

If the answer to all those questions is no, I have an advice for you: Do it.

I have, during 2 days, written down every form of media I consumed. The results really got me thinking (I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it …)

I am a gym addict, every morning I get up and go to the gym to run a half hour. And every night I go biking for an hour. You would think this has nothing to do with mass media. I thought so as well. But actually it has everything to do with it. When I get on the treadmill or on the bike, first thing I do: Turn the TV on and put music on my iPod. Then during a half hour/ one hour I watch whatever is on TV (Usually something very dumb that I would never watch if I was home).

Well that shows that first thing in the morning I am already immersed in Mass Communication and the last thing I do at night is watch mass media.

And I have realized it is in every single moment of my life.

I never go out without my iPod! When I get home first thing I do is check my emails, check Facebook and turn Pandora radio on.

Even when I am working I cannot help myself and check Facebook almost every 20 minutes (not that anything has changed in those 20 minutes but still I go check my news feed like an addict) and Pandora is always my background music.

One very big thing I have realized is my very strange habit of checking my emails every hour.

Not that I receive tons of emails (except for ads: American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostal, HauteLook, Chegg, Amazon, …) but for whatever reason I feel the need to check my emails all the time (I mean you never know, if the end of the world was happening you would definitely get an email right? Or maybe not, just a Facebook message).

In a weekend, I spend more or less 12 hours a day on my computer (it is always on actually). The only moments I don’t use it is when I go to the gym (but I watch TV) or when I go out grocery shopping (but even there the store’s radio has ads on all the time). At home I surf between Facebook, my emails, and some websites I like. I also stream series I like online.

So one may think that I am 100% exposed to Mass Media, wherever I go, every single day, and that going through so much content would be overwhelming.

But is it really?

I am not so sure! See before I started keeping track of my media consumption, I never even though about how much time I spend on my laptop every day or how I watch TV at least an hour a day at the gym. And I never go to bed at night thinking: Wah today’s exposition to media was overwhelming.

For our generation, being connected for every single aspect of our lives (listening to music, finding directions, interacting with our friends, just walking in a grocery store) is just the way it is. This is our daily routine. We do not even think about it anymore.

How scary is that?? I believe it is TERRIFYING.

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