Dream, nightmare, or just reality?

Have you ever wondered what the future would be like? What earth would look like in 2035? I did, I do it all the time. What will we do in our daily routine? Probably a lot of different things that still have to be invented.

Even if I don’t know what the year 2035 will bring, I can still imagine it clearly.

Can you see all those people accompanied by their personal robots? I definitely can. Innovation in the artificial intelligence field is going faster and faster and we are likely to have one of our own to assist us in everyday life. I can already see all those quadriplegic being able to walk because their legs are plugged in to robotic legs that are controlled by their brain.

Yes the world 2035 will bring innovations that we don’t even dream of today.household robots

Everyone will have those glasses on, that will allow you to do everything, from watching television shows, to being in a video conference meeting, but also taking pictures, calling your friends. Communication will take place through those glasses attached to head phone in your ears. You will be able to do absolutely everything from them. The mass communication industry will probably take advantage of that trend very early on. Newspapers will be read to you; campaigns will show up on your glasses screen; as well as any movie or show you want to watch.

When you get home your floating television will follow you around until you ask it to go away. You will be able to talk to it so the channel changes, it will know your usual behaviors and if your favorite television show is on at 6 pm, if you are home, your television will find you, with the right channel on, and so you can watch it.

Hunger will be gone; the major countries in the world will have found a way to help those who are in need. Pollution will be gone too. New ways will be found for cars to run without polluting. Appearing in 3D anywhere will be made possible. You will be able to appear in a conference room from home, to participate in an important meeting at work. Or else you will be able to send your robot to that meeting in your place; he will know you so well, he will know exactly what you would say and at what moment.

 simpson wonderful world

So this is how we imagine the world to be. A better world, one where technology has helped resolves major problems in the world.

We were wrong, all those years ago, when we though this world would get better, and that the future would be utopian, we thought things would change with new technologies emerging. This is not what happened.

We are in 2035 and the human kind is dying!

What really happened, to us, to this world, shows how too much technology, can lead us to disappear.

When robots and artificial intelligence first came out, everyone who could afford it got their own personal robot. And even people who couldn’t afford it took loans to be able to get one.Revolution

People in well developed country would think about their own little lives and nobody found the time or money to go help those in need. Everyone stopped caring about the pollution thinking a robot will find the solution to this problem eventually. The robots where expected to find all sort of solutions, and they did. Although not how we thought they would.

Their conclusion was that humans are the real problem, and their solution is to exterminate all humanity on earth. Without humans, pollution would diminish radically, hunger would not be a problem anymore.

So this is our world, robots have taken it over; they have killed as many humans as they could find, and the only survivors are the ones who hide and fight to live. Underground communities have been built, and in those communities people try to help each other survive. There is no technology and mass communication. All you get to eat is what you made grow from the earth. And the stories you hear are from nomad people crossing your community once in a while.dysutopian

This is our world in 2035 and it is not what anyone had imagined.


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