The Host

I am an avid reader. But if you ask me what books I have read, I would be able to cite only few of them. Not that I forget about them, but mostly because I read so much, that only the ones that have changed my life are the ones I remember.

I mostly read romantic books, love stories, mostly fiction. The kind of stories that makes you dream of having a perfect life and in the end a perfect relationship with the perfect guy. Not that I actually believe it is possible, but I like dreaming and my brain likes being distracted by those stories that “could” happen to me (most likely they will not to be honest).

Although once in a while I like a good science-fiction book, it has to have a good love story in it for me to be interested in reading past the first chapter.

A few years ago, I was single (not anymore, sorry guys), a little depressed by the emptiness of my love life I must admit, I had just finished the Twilight series (the books of course, not the movies: those were horrible).

I love Stephenie Meyer’s writing and I just wanted more. That is when I learned that she had written another book: The Host. The target audience was not teenagers but young adults, and it was a little more serious than just vampires who fall in love with humans.the host

At first when I read the fourth cover I thought: “This is not a book for me, I’m pretty sure I won’t like it, I’m not a big fan of science-fiction so a story with aliens invading earth does not really appeal to me.” But I was a huge fan of the author so I just could not help myself and got the book anyways (Compulsive buyer? Probably!).

When I started reading the book, I was a little confused by the first chapters, I considered just stopping there and not read it but I pushed through and read it anyways.

That book changed my life. For days I just could not stop thinking about it and what would the main character do if she was in my situation.

It changed my whole perspective on earth and on the way humans are destroying it, on violence and how it could be avoided. But I also started thinking about friendship and love, and how that could change your life. Not change who you are and your personality but mostly your reactions and how one particular friendship or love story can turn your whole life upside down. It can make you do things you would never have thought you could do. It can even make you betray your community.

What I liked the best is how the main character would never betray her convictions no matter what the situation would be. She is genuinely good and generous, she would never hurt anyone and even if she ends up in the middle of the revolution, and she sees how horrible the rebels’ lives are, she still would not hurt anyone by revenge.


Now maybe this book influenced me that much because of what period of my life I was in when I read it. But it is probably my favorite, and it was one of the best books I had ever read (and the list is long). Although I have read many books since that one, I still go back to it regularly to read it again. As a matter of fact I read it over winter break when I was back home.

A few months ago the movie of the adaptation of this book came out. As always when I loved the book I want to see the movie and feel like I live in the middle of the story.

Although the movie is quite good, it still doesn’t live up to the book. I actually have never seen a movie that was quite as good as the book so I try not to get my hopes up too much when I hear about the movie. But I really enjoyed this movie, even if it does leave out a certain number of scenes that I loved in the book. I recommend going to the theater to see it.


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