For lives bigger than pain

At the beginning of this year, the painkiller Nurofen has decided to reposition their brand message. In order to do so they launched a multimedia marketing campaign in the UK. Ads on a same theme “For lives bigger than pain” appeared on TV, in print media, outdoors (bus stops, counter tops, checkout trays, …), on social media and in movie theaters.

This change is a big step for Nurofen as it usually advertises each product individually, but this campaign focuses on their entire line of products.

Their whole way of advertising has completely changed. In the past they focused on the traditional way of advertising painkillers focusing on pain relief. With this new campaign they chose to target people who do not want pain to interfere with their very busy lifestyle. Which is why, in their ads, they focus on the “lifestyle benefits” of Nurofen by showing extraordinary people in their everyday life not bothered by pain.

In their TV advertisement, they show the wildlife cameraman Doug Allan scuba diving and exploring the sea, and then they show Kim Krebs the land speed racer on her motorcycle, at an incredible speed. Finally the ad shows Stephan Poplawski who is a mountain pilot, in a helicopter over beautiful mountains. All of these images are spectacular and meant to show that when you have a spectacular life, you should not be bothered by pain, and this is why Nurofen offers you a better lifestyle.Nurofen print ad

To follow a similar theme, their print advertisement shows the cameraman Doug Allan again, but this time he is holding his camera in front a a wonderful background which shows he is near the sea and the coast.

These ads show the entire Neurofen line of products as a trusted brand by those who “squeeze as much out of life as possible and won’t let pain get in the way of them living life to the full”. The ads feature real and normal people who have amazing lives and who trust Nurofen to get rid of the pain, and go on with their day.

According to the Marketing Manager Nicola Treacher, “using cinema in the campaign was a great way to convey the emotional message they had created.”

But the campaign does not stop there. It was continued on the Internet with a huge social media activity, videos on YouTube with the stars of the initial TV campaign, and also consumer events.

I personally think that this campaign is very effective. In their ads they use the association principle which is very common and is proven to work very well. I think they might be following a trend that has been seen a lot lately: Featuring people with extraordinary lives and just show images instead of talking. Nikon did this with their new ad for their cameras but also Nike, Red Bull, Sony and a lot of other well known brands.

I find this to be effective, the beautiful images make you want to watch the commercial to the end, the music are always very emotional and captivating. Also a lot of people feel more entitled to use a product knowing that a celebrity is using it. They feel related to them. People believe that if it works for these people who have such an extraordinary life, it will work for them as well.

My very favorite is the Sony ad for their TV Bravia. I find the music appealing, the images amazing and I can replay it 5 times in a row without getting bored of it. This making of shows how complex it was to make this commercial.


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