Want to make a funny ad? Ask Hyundai, they make the best funny suicide ads.

As I was surfing on the web, watching ads, I happened to watch the new Hyundai’s ad for their ix35. Although I do agree that ads have to be original to gain the public’s attention and to go viral (a goal marketers are actively looking for) I did not like this ad at all. I was profoundly Hyundai adchocked when I saw it and just could not understand how anyone could have approved it and let it run on television in the U.K.
As I was so shocked I did some research on it to understand what had happened and if I was the only one finding this ad offending. And I discovered I was not. This ad is very controversial and I found a few articles who share my point of view. I also found this letter addressed to Hyundai by someone who was personally affected by this advertisement.
The ad features a man trying to commit suicide in his garage by inhaling the fumes of his car. In the end, he realizes he is not dying and gives up to go back to his miserable life. The message “The new ix35 with 100 percent water emissions.” comes up to explain that with this car you can not commit suicide.

Dear Hyundai,

As an International Business major, considering going into marketing, I am currently studying the ways, methods and concepts on how to make an effective video, one that could go viral and bring the company a lot of publicity. Although I am still in college and have no experience in marketing or advertising in the real professional world, I think it does not take a genius to see how offending your new ad is.
Although I have never been touched by the tragedy of loosing someone who has decided to take his own life, I still feel strongly for the people who did lose someone. This kind of situation is tragic and no one would like to be reminded of that particular moment in your life when you have lost the most important person in your life this way. Especially not for a car

Suicide is not a joke. It is not something that you should take lightly. Depression and suicidal are very important issues and the situation you describe in your ad as a joke, actually happens every day, taking someone’s life.
I clearly do not understand how anyone could approve such an ad. Even if you were looking for a creative idea that would grab attention, I really can’t see how you could think showing suicide would give you positive publicity.
In this ad you are promoting a way of committing suicide and actually showing on television how people should set it up to make it work with any other car than Hyundai.
I think of all those depressed people watching television and seeing your ad, and how it must have affected them if they ever once thought of taking their lives. This ad could be the little push that makes them do it.

Well congratulations, your video did go viral, and you had a lot of publicity, you even made it to the national news in the United States! But really is negative publicity better than no publicity? I think not, and from I have learnt in class a positive image is very hard to gain but so easy to lose. I don’t really see how people can still see you as a worthy brand. I know word of mouth can be very negative for a brand and for your information I will never buy one of your cars, and I intend to talk about this d around me to discourage anyone I know to purchase from you.

Now good luck trying to explain how you are sorry and did not mean to offend anyone.




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